Aluminium Pipe Clamps

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Made from 6061-T6 lightweight aluminium. Contains two weld on ferrules that are both double o-ring grooved offering a perfect seal and flexibility. Designed for all types of applications including intercooler piping, air intake piping and more.

Size Finish Part Number
2.0″ Polished IPC-200A
2.0″ Black IPC-200ABK
2.5″ Polished IPC-250A
2.5″ Black IPC-250ABK
3.0″ Polished IPC-300A
3.0″ Black IPC-300ABK
3.5″ Polished IPC-350A
3.5″ Black IPC-350ABK
4.0″ Polished IPC-400A
4.0″ Black IPC-400ABK
5.0″ Polished IPC-500A
5.0″ Black IPC-500ABK