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Ford BA/BF 1000cc Raceworks Injector

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 980cc - 1100cc            INJ-213         ALY-048BK

*Direct fit applications (Includes top adaptor) 
Ford Falcon BA/BF Turbo I6

Unmodified Bosch with Raceworks Lower Adapter fitted

Size: 980cc (92 Lb/hr) @ 3bar and 1100cc (105 Lb/hr) @ 4bar
Impedance: High (12.0 Ohms)
Plug: Bosch Jetronic/Minitimer, Top O-Ring: 14mm
E85 Safe
Spray Pattern: Wide Cone
Spray Direction: Straight
Flow variance is +3% / -2% (5% total variance)

*Injectors are a direct fit physically, but as with all Raceworks Injectors, will require a tune. While the vehicles listed above are direct fit, the injector can be used in many other applications with the appropriate extensions, o-rings or plug adapters. See Injector Upgrade Guide for more details.