Fuel EFI (High Pressure)

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Raceworks gauges contain an analogue face, with digital circuitry. This means they are extremely precise and accurate in their operation, and no hoses/fluid lines need to be run into the cabin. They offer many motorsport oriented functions, all of which are accessed by a single button on the face. They are perfect for vehicles that don’t get used often, and may have the power killed completely in between infrequent drives, because all settings are hard coded into memory. They offer daisy chain wiring, meaning common wires such as power, ground and illumination only need to be connected to one gauge in a set, and a simple piggyback cable runs between each gauge. All Raceworks gauges are suitable for 12V applications only. Backlight colours are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Teal, Cool White, Pink, Warm White and Orange.


Diameter 52mm
Mounting Depth 45mm
Circuitry Digital Stepper Motor
Gauge Sweep 270deg
Opening Ceremony Yes
Programmable Warning Yes
Peak Function Yes
Adjustable Brightness Yes
Adjustable Dimmer Yes
LED Backlight 10 Colour
Sensor Yes
Bezel Colour Black
Lens Clear
Part Number VPR-310

VPR-310 Instructions