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Raceworks Billet inline filters contain a total filtration surface area of 374 square centimetres. The filters are directional and washable, and suitable for high horsepower applications, supporting up to 2400LPH @ 3Bar. See below for more detailed flow ratings.

Stainless lifetime elements and E85 Safe
AN-10 ORB. 50mm DIA. 140mm Long

Which Micron level is suitable? The lower the micron level, the finer the particle it filters, but the more restrictive the filter is on flow. Raceworks recommended a 100 or 75micron filter for use pre-pump, and a 40 or 10micron filter for use post-pump (Pre injectors).

Micron Maximum Flow Rating @ 3Bar* Part Number
10 1500LPH ALY-077-10BK
40 1800LPH ALY-077-40BK
75 2100LPH ALY-077-75BK
100 2400LPH ALY-077-100BK

*Maximum flow rate measured with a pressure drop across the filter of 2psi